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Q: On average, how long does it takes to be ready for my test?

A: On average it takes approximately 30-50 hours to be up to test standard, that is depending on your age and ability.


Q: Are any discounts available?

A: Block booking and student discounts are available. Block booking gives you a set of lessons booked in advance, which will be cheaper than paying for lessons individually. Student discount is set at £2 per hour cheaper i.e. instead of £20 per individual hour, students pay £18.

Pickup points?

A:I will pick up and drop off at any pre-arranged destination within the surrounding area.

Q: What is Pass Plus?

A: Pass Plus is a road safety initiative aimed at improving the skills of novice drivers. This includes set modules which pupils have to cover in order to achieve the required standard, thus reducing their car insurance. These modules are: Town Driving, All Weather Driving, Driving Out of Town, Night Driving, Driving on Dual Carriageways, Driving on Motorways.

Q: What’s your Pass Rate?

A: I have a very good pass rate for my pupils, well above the national average.

Q: What exactly are Intensive Courses?

A: Intensive Driving Lessons are courses designed for people who have passed their Theory test and wish to learn to pass their practical test in a short period of time. It means many hours of driving in just 1 or 2 weeks, and is statistically proven t have a higher pass rate than a few hours of driving per week. (Prices on Request)


Q: Are you honest? Would you tell me if it wasn’t worth my time?

A: If I honestly believe that I couldn’t help you in any way then I would let you know as soon as possible, and put you in contact with someone who could, i.e. Automatic Tuition.